How Important Is Confidentiality In Patent Translation?


Patent translation is one of the delicate fields of translation that require top most confidentiality! While dealing with patent translation, a project manager must be very careful not let any minor mistake or leak of patent information. Let us look at this;-You are working with a telecom company as a marketing manager or an engineer. You invent and innovate company’s products, lay strategies and you are always in the company’s strategic meetings of how to counter attack competitors. I mean through the flanking, Encirclement, guerrilla, frontal attack… almost everyone knows about the latter strategies but those are just definitions. There is always a core strategy of each of the strategies. A part from core strategies being exciting to share with your friend, they can be tempting. Probably you are not satisfied with the current salary that is being paid for your job or you simply feel like benefiting from both ends. You may decide to sell out company ideas to its rivals for personal benefit.

Applicability in the patent translation industry

The same situation above applies to translation project of patents. Each time you submit patents covering greatest ideas for translation, you should be sure of the security of your invention. An invention is something you should fight to protect at all times. Just imagine the invention such as software, or business methods that you took time creating leaked through an agency!

Some of these ideas can be launched with ordinary resources and would make one wealthy throughout their life time. Patents cover golden ideas that might even take generations to be accomplished for them to qualify for grant of rights from a sovereign state. Acquiring a patent involves costly processes of application such as patentability searching, patent application drafting, patent application filing, prioritized examination, patent pending and after which it takes years to be issued amidst spending big sums of money.

What should one do when looking for patent translation services?

Once done with your invention and decided to patent it, you may need to have some documents translated into an official language of the country handling your patent process. This means that you will have to a hire a patent translation agency to translate those documents into the required language. There are quit many translation companies but the major thing here is to do thorough research so as to identify a more professional translation agency.

The circumstances surrounding a patent a lone must oblige a translation agency to commit to confidentiality of client’s patents during the process of translation no matter how tempting. The confidentiality culture and policies should be integrated in all the company’s objectives practicing it at all levels of performance.

Identifying a right translation agency might not be easy but doing enough research before trusting one with your patents can help. You could ask a few friends for recommendations, look at agency’s testimonials from previous clients and above all the agency must be willing to sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement with you.

Patent documents and any other documents should never be used as samples to win new clients. It is an unethical conduct to display client’s information for popularity. An agency must guarantee iron policies to guard client’s technical information against possible elusive actions in the patent translation process. It pays to sacrifice fame for confidentiality of our clients.

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