Norwegian Patent Translation Services

Norwegian Patent Translation Services

KL Translations provides high quality and professional Norwegian patent translations to global clients. We provide patent translation from or into Norwegian language using only mother tongue translators qualified and specialized in different industries. Our Norwegian patent translation services are customized to suit your requirements.

Professional Norwegian Patent Translation Services

We deliver professional Norwegian patent translations covering many areas such as;

At KL Translations we understand that patents are a protection to your intellectual property, therefore, we only use qualified and experienced expert linguists to handle our patent translation projects. All our translators and proofreaders are native-speakers who are specialized in patent translations.

Quick Norwegian Patent Translations

We deliver Norwegian patent translation services with quick turnarounds. Our project management team is highly dedicated and committed to meeting deadlines. If you have a large amount of Norwegian patent material that needs to be translated quickly, contact us now. We have a large team of patent translators who can quickly translate large volumes of work per day without sacrificing the quality of your document.

Efficient Project Management

We have a dedicated team of project managers with skills in different industries. A project manager is allocated to manage a project in which he commands an expert knowledge in. To ensure that the translation is done perfectly and in time, a project manager will spend time communicating to you and the translator. We customize the translation process to suit the demands of our clients.

Translation Price Rates

We understand saving is an important activity to any individual or company; we pass savings to our clients by offering competitive translation price rates. Our translation rates are designed to suit your budget.

Confidentiality Agreement

A nondisclosure agreement is offered before any translation work begins and also maintain a high level of confidentiality while handling any translation project from a language to another.

For any Norwegian patent translation project, our team of experienced Norwegian patent translators specializing in different sectors are here to help you.

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