Patent Searches

Patent Searches

Our translation company provides all patent searches to companies and law firms worldwide. We offer every possible type of patent search throughout the cycle of patents. Our patent searches are designed to meet all business needs of our clients

Our patent searches are done by a team of highly skilled patent analysts specializing in different technological areas. They include among others patent attorneys, patent scientists, and patent engineers. We have access to all major patent search engines and patenting authorities in the world.

Types of Patent Searches

As specialists in patent searches, we can help you search any type patents including

  • Design Patent Search
  • Assignee / Name Search
  • Collection Search
  • Infringement Search
  • Scan Search 
  • Validity/Invalidity Search
  • Freedom- To- Operate Search
  • State-of- the Art search
  • Prior Art  search
  •  Novelty Search
  • Family Search
  •  Patentability Search
  • Any other Relevant information

Benefits of Using Our Company for Your Patent Searches

We ensure that our search reports are fully customized to suit your interest. This implies that one can send us a template showing the format by which his/search report should be presented. Our company also can draft a search report and attach copies of the most relevant patents identified during the search process. We understand that native language search and quality project management are very critical.

We work with many global corporations through their worldwide IP departments. We, therefore, have access to any patent literature both in libraries and search engines across the globe. Our professional and multilingual patent search team has a high level of patent expertise spanning from different areas of technology.

Our patent searches are timely and competitively priced. On top of it all we guarantee satisfaction to our clients

Contact us by sending an email to or by filling our free online quote. Alternatively, you can also call us on +44 (0) 208 123 8014 or +1 917 675 3091 

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