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About Us: KL Patent Translations

KL Patent Translations is a team of specialist patent translators offering excellent patent translation services. Our company KL Translations Ltd is headquartered in London, UK. We have a network of over 5000 patent translators and proofreaders specialized in different industries based in different countries throughout the world. With our efficient project management procedures, we endeavor to deliver a high standard of customer satisfaction at all times. We translate all types of patent-related documents to/from any commercial language.

High-Quality Patent Translations

With our carefully selected and highly qualified teams of patent translators, proofreaders and in-house project managers, we deliver any patent translation requirement that you might have, in the way that best satisfies your interests. The aim of our team is to provide the best professional patent translation possible. With this in mind, we work with specialists in a wide variety of industries and disciplines to deliver precisely tailored patent translations. Whatever the field, we can guarantee our quality will meet the technical standards of your discourse.
If you’d like to know how we can help your business, simply send us an email. We shall fully analyze your requirements and look forward to working with you. Besides the quality of our services our company prides itself on providing outstanding customer services. Our team is ready to help you.

Our Philosophy and Mission

At KL Patent Translations, quality means more than just getting the job done. It implies delivering truly outstanding services and ensuring that all our customers’ needs are fulfilled promptly and to exceptional standards. This commitment to customer service is at the heart of everything we do. It is the guiding principle of every member of the organization, irrespective of their role.
To be the best, you have to think big. Our translation agency assists law firms and corporate clients in patent translations such as patent litigation translation, patent application translation, biotechnology patent translationsinsurance patent translation, approach to technical patent among many more.
We are here to help our patent clients achieve their short and long-term linguistic needs at competitive rates.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are a socially responsible language service provider. Our commitment to being a responsible company includes our efforts to integrate environmental and social concerns into our business operations. We support efficiency gains; improved risk management and favorable relations with the investment community.

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