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How Important Is Confidentiality In Patent Translation?

Patent translation is one of the delicate fields of translation that require top most confidentiality! While dealing with patent translation, a project manager must be very careful not let any minor mistake or leak of patent information. Let us look at this;-You…

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Are Software Patents no more?

It is not easy to get software patents as it once was, but software is still patent eligible. Software patents do not really have a universally accepted meaning. It is probably safe to say that in its broadest definition, a…

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The Relevance of Court Interpreting

Court interpreting has increasingly become a professional career for many people around the world. Schools have designed academic programs for students in preparation for this lucrative profession. Despite this fact, there is a shortage of highly skilled interpreters who have the…

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What is a Provisional Patent?

So apparently there is no such a thing as a “provisional patent.” That’s a misunderstanding that requires articulation. What is filed by an inventor or his legal aid support is called a “provisional patent application”. This is to help the…

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Invention and patents

With advancements in technology, today’s business environment presents numerous challenges to the innovative community. Global competition has been rising day after day and it is becoming stiffer.  In other words you may have an idea or invention but if you…

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Protect your intellectual property

It is fundamental to anyone concerning him/herself with patents to know, first of all what a patent is all about. If you are an inventor, you will definitely need to protect your creation and designs from “copy-cats” who would exclude…

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The Italian Patents

According to the law definition of patents in Italy, a patent is a sort of a title that allows an individual with an invention to manufacture and commercialize it in a restricted manner within the state where it has been…

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Is A Patent Of Benefit To Business?

A patent is right or protection granted to an inventor by a country, allowing the inventor to exclude others from making, using or selling his or her invention in that country during the life of the patent, “Joe Hadzima, senior…

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Types of Patents

In the protection of intellectual property world, patents are granted in many different countries and regions, each having slightly different legal conventions. A patent is similar to a real estate title in two ways. First, it confers ownership of the…

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Who Owns An Invention?

For first time inventors, knowing the rightful owner of an invention is pretty much priority in those parts of town. A company might believe that it rightfully owns the rights and patents to an invention which with another peek at…

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